The Ultimate Pattern and Painting Party. A Shortcut to happy, high-end Art Tops and Fabulous Fabrics

Wrap yourself in Beauty and Joy! Have fun and create happy tops and fabrics. The methods and patterns are "brilliantly simple, playful and fast".

Experience abundant joy and happiness while creating stunning tops with patterns and
 painting methods that make even beginners feel like accomplished designers.

You will not find these proprietary methods anywhere else. They are the result of 35 years of constantly coming up with new processes that are simple, playful and faster than any traditional methods. As well as coming up with styles that are flattering on all body types. 
The tops are fun to wear and super fun and easy to make.

What Course Clients are saying

"Monika, what you are offering is something very special. I haven't seen anything like it. I must say, I quite enjoy splashing paint freely. It took me out of my comfort zone. It is quite liberating!"  
Lindsay Cash

"Even though these tops look like pieces of art that would be difficult to do - they are so simple and playful to make. It's brilliant!" Karla M., counselor.

Would you love to have joy and create stunning looking tops? 
But you think it looks too complicated and takes too much time?  

Nope. It is just the opposite.  

Although these tops look like they are complicated and take hours on end - they do not.
I don't have patience and I don't like complicated processes.

All of my techniques give you stunning results in a fraction of the time that traditional methods take.

There is
- no messy mixing of dyes, 
- no endless rinsing and washing that makes you cringe and you'd rather not even get started. 
- no complicated techniques and processes that test your patience. 
- no multiple pattern pieces that are like frustrating puzzles.

You get what your heart desires:
playful techniques and super simple patterns. You can sew the tops in your sleep
But you still get fabulous, expensive looking tops.

 Plus, you experience great joy creating your very own signature style tops and fabrics this way.

Neither my course clients nor I have seen this anywhere else.  

You love the tops.
But you also want to paint your own fabrics?

It's easy to use the techniques and processes to paint your own Signature style fabrics for
- your home decor items
- your art quilt projects

- mixed media projects
- accessories 

- book covers
- wall art

How about feeling like being wrapped in joy?

What we wear on your body affects how we feel and think.

When we wear clothes, that are happy, that are created with joy, clothes that feel comfortable, look great and make us feel beautiful, we light up from the inside and radiate it out.
 We feel happy and joyful from deep within.

When we create with these playful methods, we experience lots of joy and happiness while creating our very own gorgeous tops. And when we wear them, we feel like we are wrapped in that joy.  

Creating and then wearing these tops also makes us proud, confident and content.

If the above resonates with you and you feel inspired - go for it!
Create with joy! And wear happy tops.

"Magnificent Three" technique from the Course

In this Course Program you get all of my proprietary processes.
They are succinctly distilled into short lessons.
You get instant gratifications at every step. 

Over the last 35 years I have made tens of thousands of pieces of happy hand painted clothing.
I experimented and explored constantly to come up with new, playful techniques that no-one else teaches.

These unconventional processes make it easy and fun for you to succeed with little time and lots of joy.

 When you create like we do in the Course, your inner joy grows and deepens.
The worries of the world disappear.

Your brain resets and builds new neurological pathways for joy and inner calm, that allow you to live in the midst of the disturbances of the world, while maintaining inner peace and joyful strength. 

Even if you haven't done anything creative before, or think you are not creative, but you would love to create, and you splash paint freely with my unconventional techniques, you experience tremendous freedom and joy.

 And in the process you get awesome tops to wear for all kinds of occasions - including going grocery shopping, shining on Zoom and relaxing at home.
Creating these tops is truly joyful and easy to do.  

"It's so simple. It's brilliant." Priti B., Michelle B. and Karla M.

 Plus - it saves you major $$$$$ not having to buy the tops and fabrics retail.

You'd love to create, but don't believe that you are creative?

Neither am  I - according to my art teacher
 (see the next paragraph for that story).

It's actually exciting when you say you "are not creative". 
That means that even if you have been inhibited by unkind teacher remarks and traditional rules that didn't fit YOUR creative joy, you haven't been spoiled by the rules.
Like me - you now have the freedom to explore YOUR unique ways that make you happy and full of joy.

There is no such thing as "not being creative". It's a myth!
 Being creative is natural to us. We are born creative. Just watch kids play.

Kids are absorbed in the process, enjoying the "doing". When they are finished, they do not doubt or criticize themselves or each other. They are content and happy and proudly present their creations to the parents and later to teachers.

And boom! - that's where our natural urge to create gets stifled. 
Disregard and critical comments feel like being whipped. The natural joy of creating gets replaced with fear of being put down for something that brought us so much joy and satisfaction. We shut down and quit creating.

Many of us keep those old voices in our heads.
 But now, instead of parents or teachers judging us, we internalized it and judge ourselves.

We can use that same energy, that we use to judge ourselves, and switch it to being curious and being excited about creating - for the pure joy of it.

If creating gorgeous tops and fabrics excites you - go for it!
I am right there with you. You are not alone. It's time for you to let that inner creative roar!

Don't believe that it's possible for you to switch from thinking you

are not creative - to being curious and being excited to create?

If I can do it, so can you! 

Here's my story:
For 6 years - in school - my art teacher 
told me that I have no creative bone in my body.  She rolled her eyes at everything I did and finally snorted at me that God must have been asleep when He created me.  

I was a shy kid who painted from her heart. Mixing colors in ways I had seen in the flower fields that were my refuge as a kid. Theoretical art rules were not present in the bounty and lusciousness of nature. 

However, my teacher didn't care about the flower fields. She wanted the rules - which I never understood.  

Still, I loved art so much, I wanted to study it. My art teacher prevented it.  
She did me a huge favor: I never internalized restrictive rules.
I have the freedom to splash paint freely and create with abandon.

I have been a successful full time artist and designer since 1987, making my living with fabulous wearable art clothing and jewelry! 

For 13 years I had a boutique at a resort in Colorado.
My designs are in high end wearable art boutiques and galleries and private collections.  

If I can go from being told that I have no creative bone in my body to freely and successfully creating high-end wearable art - so can you!

Traditional methods are great for some, but not for everyone. Definitely not for me.  
Which led me to constantly play and come up with all of my own unconventional techniques  from the very beginning. They are fun, fast and fabulous!
Even timid beginners get tremendous joy when they experience how easy it is to create their own fabulous fabrics and gorgeous tops and wear them to rave reviews by friends and family. 

I know those old limiting beliefs are stubborn - but so are we.  
Don't listen to old naggy voices in your head. 

Listen to your yearning!  And discover your very own creative magic!


Creating with our hands naturally calms the nervous system, boosts confidence, increases our happy hormones,  and brings the brain into a state of balance and relaxation.
Often faster than meditation.

We experience pleasure, satisfaction, deep calm and joy.  
That allows us to tackle tasks and challenges of daily life with confidence and inner strength. 
 Instead of getting frustrated, tense and upset, we 
stay balanced and find creative solutions.

Have a look at what the  Course Program is about.

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What Monika's Course Clients are saying

" Monika, this is fantastic!
You are a natural teacher.  Enthusiastic and patient. Love it!
I also love the way you are emphasizing the healing and calming effects of the joy of creating"  -  Lyn Belisle, artist

" I always thought that your art must be complicated and involved. But your concept is so simple, it is brilliant!"  - Michelle B., art instructor

 "Monika is well organized and easy to follow.   Regular reviews and reminders help you remember and deepen what you've learnt.

 I dye fabric and want to paint on the surface for more satisfaction. I can see these techniques working with the pieces I have already dyed and those I have yet to dye.

Thank you Monika for putting this all together! Yes, I agree: what fun!" -  Sunnee Rakowitz

"Been watching your videos all evening! Sooo many ideas........ The videos are excellent!  

I used to evaluate teachers for UT (University of Texas).  I can tell you were a teacher. Very organized and concise.  

With so many courses I feel like I wasted my time and money.  I am loving your course!"  
Rae Dollard, Jeweler

 Are you an experienced professional?

 These processes and patterns save you time and add exquisite pieces to your repertoire that your clients love!  You can even use the methods with your dyes, get stunning designs and still create in a shorter time than you would with standard methods.  

This project based Program is for all

levels of experience.

This course program is easy to follow. Thanks to my thorough German teacher training, I break a comprehensive program down into short lessons with immediate beautiful results at every step.

Even if you are a beginner and think the tops look way out of your reach, you can successfully create them when you use the simple methods and patterns from this online course program!

It is not "just" about making awesome clothes and fabrics the easy and playful way - it is as much about being in a state of joy and appreciation for yourself and your creativity while making them.

"I haven't had any joy or happiness in many years. Your course is giving me joy and happiness." Dale H.

"A simple line painted with a brush can lead to freedom and happiness." Joan Miro

What is this Ultimate Pattern and Painting Course program about?

This Course Program is the culmination of 35 years of always coming up with my own methods, my own patterns and constantly developing  new techniques and processes.

You start where I am after 35 years.

It saves you years and years and mega dollars spent on experimenting and searching.
You jump straight into having joy.

Many inspirations, clear video demonstrations and instructions for painting and pattern designs are included.
As well as PDFs that you can print out and create a Course Reference and Paint Inspiration  Book with.

Using my Signature patterns, you can  literally cut and sew a garment from an already painted piece of fabric - or store bought fabric - after lunch and wear it for coffee with the girls an hour later!

Also - you don't always have to make a new garment.
Painting on existing clothes, pieces of fabrics or on T-shirts, shawls, pillow cases, tote bags gives you instant gratifications within just a few  minutes.

When you paint several pieces of fabric at a time, you can have them ready to sew up when the muse strikes.

Your friends will oooh and aaah whenever you show off your creations.  


Bestselling Alison style top -
one of the tops created in the Course.
With just 1 simple paint technique

What have you gained by the end of the Course?

You have the confidence to make your very own Signature fabric and artful tops. You let the magic of your unique creative expressions happen. Which in turn gives you joy, happiness and satisfaction and boosts your confidence.

You proudly wear and show off as many completed gorgeous tops as you want!

You have pattern templates for my 2 bestselling styles: theAlison and the Joy tops.
As well as templates for all my sizes in those 2 styles.
You know how to make several more styles from each pattern.

You can keep yourself creatively entertained for years to come with the patterns and painting techniques!
While wearing an increasingly fabulous wardrobe.
And what to say about  the major $$$$ that you will save!

You have the tools to start or grow your own wearable art business.

You also have several pieces of hand painted fabrics in different paint styles.
Keep them as samples or make one-of-a-kind wall art, home decor, accessories, jewelry, tote bags etc. with them. Inspirations are provided.  

You can easily expand into painting  fabrics to create your own Signature home decor, wall art and accessories!

Hand painted shawls are fun and fast to do.
They make great gifts that the recipients will actually love and treasure. Examples are provided in the Program.

Multi-purpose your painted tops and fabrics: take detail photos of your hand painted designs.
Print them out and frame them. Have canvas prints made from them. They make gorgeous wall art.

You can also use the detail photos for digital composite photo art. Inspirations and examples are provided.

Take photos and have your designs professionally printed onto a variety of fabrics, clothing, gadgets, mugs, accessories etc. You get  resources for printing companies.    

Fast and Fabulous!

Have a look at how fast and fun it is to create with one of my super simple techniques.

I have created thousands of designs for high-end wearable art boutiques with just this one method: squirting paint from a bottle. 

In the course we go over different paint elements that  you can use to create endless designs. 

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Look at all these Gift Goodies - aka Bonuses.

Templates for my Monika Astara  brand sizes in the best selling  Alison and Joy pattern.
This gift goodie gives you the tried and true templates for all my sizes in the Joy and Alison style tops!
Templates for my Signature pockets and Signature separate collar.
It's the first time ever that I make any of these available!

Supply sources for fabrics, paints,  threads, needles, fabric printing, printing your designs on clothing etc..  The sources are in the USA.   If you are outside of the US, I can give you tips on how to find sources.
Plenty of hands-on demos and PDF inspirations for more painting designs.
 Inspirations for what to do with painted samples.

Module 10 is about Wholesale.
It includes templates for line sheets, order form, cover pages etc. ... and:  
How to price your creations for wholesale and retail. I tried finding this info online.  It was  a  time consuming, frustrating rabbit hole. And I never found any real answers.
  How to find boutiques to sell your creations to.  This also saves you a tremendous amount of time and a lot of money.

At the end of this Course Program, you have a tool box that consists of a magnificent variety of painting processes and top styles.  
You can use them as learnt - and you can play with them to your heart's delight and even come up with more!

It's like going on a journey around the world! So much to discover. It never gets boring.
Every time you take the paints and fabrics out, you are on to a new and exciting destination!

Happily Create in Several Ways:

Create with Course mates

With our Zoom meetings you connect and share your passions with other creatives.
You never feel alone or isolated. You meet your Course mates, exchange ideas and experiments, laugh together, support each other, uplift each other and have fun.

And if Zoom is not your thing - you can stay private.

Zoom meetings continue indefinitely past the Course. You get support and you feel like being part of a creative circle that gives you increasing joy.

Create At Your Own Pace

  One of the greatest advantages of this
 online course is the freedom to create at your own pace.  Whenever you want to.

If you feel stuck or need inspirations- unlike an in-person course, where you only have 1 shot while you are there -  with the online course you can review the videos over and over.

There are many hands-on videos as well as PDF inspirations provided.
You can keep yourself entertained and happily creating for years to come.

You have indefinite access to the course -
with Monika, the instructor, at your fingertips, 
in your home, 24/7.

Create in a Community

Join our private Facebook Club and connect with your course mates there.
Share photos, stories, challenges, successes and your pieces. Be inspired, ask questions, get support from Monika and your course mates.

If Facebook Community is not your thing - it is not required that you  participate.
But it is helpful and supportive.

The Facebook Community also continues indefinitely after the course!

You are always cared for and supported.

More comments from clients :

"I am enjoying myself greatly! The painting lessons are really inspiring. It is truly fun, joyful and relaxing to watch you paint. Thank you so much for sharing your skills, knowledge and creativity with us!"         
 Diane Williams, Photographer

"The lessons are great, instructions are clear and as a retired teacher myself that counts for a lot! 
Indeed - what fun!" Sunne Rakowitz

When creating art on paper or canvas, it often ends up getting stuffed into a closet or drawer. 

However, when you WEAR your art, you are sprinkling joy wherever you go.

 Just watch the faces of your family, your friends and the people in your life light up when they see you in your fabulous, happy pieces. Their eyes get brighter, their bodies straighten out and they smile. 

"When do I have access to the online Course Program and for how long?

What kind of support do I get?"

You have immediate access to the whole course after signing up for it.
 You can log on 24/7.
You can review  the lessons as often as you want and whenever it suits you!

Plus - you are not alone and isolated. You are connected to your Course mates and Monika in a private Facebook group and with Zoom meetings - during and indefinitely after the Course.

This course is suitable for the very beginner with a desire to create, as well as for seasoned surface designers.

The Course stays online indefinitely.

Please note: it is not a beginner sewing course. There is little sewing and I clearly demonstrate the sewing steps. You can follow along easily. But basic sewing and serger skills are helpful.

What's the advantage of an online Course Program?

Versus in-person courses?

It is great to take 
courses in person. 
- But they are limited to a few hours or a few days.
- Then you are on you own.

- You have to rely on memory and maybe some notes.
 - Often the courses you'd love to take are in another location or country.
- Expenses for travel, accommodations and meals add up pretty fast.  


online courses 
- you are virtually taken into the artist's studio.
- the instructor is at your fingertips 24/7.
- you create alongside the artist in the comfort of your own home,  at your own pace.
- you can revisit your courses over and over.
- you can play and pause whenever and however it suits you.  
-  you are also supported by me, Monika, and in the private Facebook Group that comes with the courses. 

You are not left alone. 
You have a community of like-minded to play and interact with during and after any course.

Another comment from a course clients

"The Course material flows well from segment to segment  and from module to module, and your video presentations are great! They provide VERY helpful information that clearly illustrate the technique, equipment and variations.  
Also great are the painting examples and uses for small  pieces of fabrics - such as pendants and wall art. 
The Course is a very professional presentation.  
You are very relaxed, making the viewer relaxed too.  I have so much fun with this Course!  
It is giving me so much joy and happiness!"
Diane Williams, Photographer

If this intrigues you and tugs on your inner urge to create, go for it .
Having joy, being playful and wearing your own gorgeous tops and having artful fabrics are just a click away.

Hello there, I am Monika Astara, your guide on this fabulous journey.  

 I love all things creative. Always have.
When I was 10 years old I started making clothes from old curtains in the attic. And I have sewn ever since......

In 1987 I followed my dream: creating clothing for women that make them feel beautiful, radiant and alive. Thus the Wearable Art brand "Monika Astara" was born - and spreading joy through creative, happy clothes started.

For 13 years I had a boutique at the Hot Spring Resort in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Dressing women for everyday life, presidential inaugurations and everything in between. Oprah called it "a gem of a boutique".
Many lives got transformed in that boutique - including mine.

I have taught in a prison everything needed for a GED, taught in public schools,  Community Colleges and online.
Over the years, I have designed and personally made well over 20 000 fabulous pieces of happy clothing and jewelry, that women - and some men - all over the world are wearing. They sell in high-end wearable art boutiques, galleries and are in private collections.

I have little to no patience for traditional methods and get bored with them really fast. It's much more fun to be curious, to experiment and to figure out what I can do with minimal tools and supplies. In short amounts of time, while still achieving awesome results.

Since art teachers hammered it into me that I have no creative bone in my body, and yet, I have been a full time successful artist and designer, I am passionate about inspiring you to create freely and with abandon! For the pure joy of it. 

That way you naturally discover YOUR magic!

 It's indescribable to see the joy people experience when they use my unconventional methods, that allow anyone, from timid beginners to seasoned professionals, to create in ways that make them happy, excited and confident. 

With the world going bonkers, our natural inner urge to create needs to be nourished and expressed. 
Studies show that creating with our hands gives us deep calm and satisfaction. In short amounts of time.

                                       If this inspires you, come create with me!  

Another comment and success story from a Course Client:

"Monika’s online course has me in my studio making art and having fun!  
Using fabric paints with her methods is a lot quicker than the dyeing procedures I usually go through

 Here you get instant joy and gratification at what you’ve created!  

The videos are well done. They are short and to the point. They are well executed, giving you lots of opportunity  to try things in   short amounts of time as you move through the course.
Being able to revisit any of the videos is very helpful.  

And I like the fact that Monika is also available by Zoom, FB group and e-mail.
 The course is suited for the beginner as well as those who are experienced in surface design.  
If you’ve been hesitating about taking the course I can only say:

As a direct result of the course, the bonus wholesale module and my help, Linda's creations are now featured in the prestigious Santa Fe Weaving Gallery.
Linda Thompson, wearable art Designer and Owner at Creative Couture
Linda is wearing one of her Alison tops created in the Course using my easy and fun Faux Shibori technique. 

You can achieve a multitude of looks with that technique.

(The majority of Course Clients are in the program for the fun of it for themselves. 
A few of the clients are professionals and some of the clients are turning their hobby into a business).

I am passionate about people being happy. If you have questions or concerns,
a chat is a great way to find out if this course program is a good fit for you - or not.
I am blunt and I want for both of us that you are a happy client who benefits from the course program.

Invest in your joy - risk free!  

Often, when our heart pulls us to do something that makes us light up,  our mind interferes. 
We hesitate and "postpone" it.  Which means: we do not do it.    
We deprive ourselves of the joy we could have had for years to come.    

I make it easy for you to give yourself that gift of joy of creating and getting those fabulous tops that make you feel alive and radiant in everyday life.  

You get a 15 day 100% satisfaction  guarantee!  

If you are not 100% satisfied, I refund your tuition (less processor fees).
No proof that you only watched a little bit or any of those restrictions.   
 You have nothing to lose and a lot of joy and fabulous tops and fabrics to gain.

Give yourself the gift of joy.
 Let your inner creative roar and join this fun Journey.


More of what Course Clients are saying:

"What you are offering is really something so special. I haven't seen anything like it." Lindsay Cash
"I haven't had happiness or joy in my life for a very long time. 
Your course is giving me happiness and joy. Thank you!"  Dale T.

"I am a frustrated abstract artist who had given up painting. Your methods are so much fun! 

I rediscovered my joy - I am having so much fun painting fabrics with this course" Diane Williams

Course Tuition

  • 1 Time Pay - Best Value

    $997 USD


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  • 2 time pay
  • 2 payments of

    $525 USD

    per month

    2 monthly payments

  • 3 Time Pay
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    $360 USD

    per month

    3 monthly payment


Interested, but not ready to sign up?  

I will keep you in the loop for great free projects, resources, fun creative tidbits and new course releases.

Don't want to make your own tops, but would love to have some? Go to the product website - Monika Astara

Course Curriculum

"I haven't had happiness or joy in my life for a very long time. Your course is giving me happiness and joy. Thank you!"  Dale W.

Course Tuition

  • 1 Time Pay - Best Value

    $997 USD


    Save with One Time Pay

  • 2 time pay
  • 2 payments of

    $525 USD

    per month

    2 monthly payments

  • 3 Time Pay
  • 3 payments of

    $360 USD

    per month

    3 monthly payment