The Ultimate Pattern and Painting Party

Be your own Designer! Create happy, hand painted tops with fun, unconventional methods.

Create gorgeous wearable art tops that light you up from the inside.
So you feel beautiful, confident and radiant every single day of your life.

It's fun and simple with unconventional techniques and super simple, but totally great looking styles.
They only take a fraction of the time that traditional patterns and methods take.
Yet, you get stunning, high-end results.

Monika Astara's methods are not available anywhere else.

"It's brilliant!"

"I always thought that your art must be complicated and involved.
But your concept is so simple.  
It's brilliant."
Michelle B., artist and national art instructor

Engaging creatively is not a luxury.
It is essential for your well-being.

Research - and personal experiences - show, that when you create with your hands and play like kids do - curious, engaged, enjoying each moment - the chatter in your mind subsides.

Your brain resets into a state of balance and joy.
Most often faster than with meditation.

You experience delicious pleasure, deep satisfaction and soothing calm.
The more regularly you create, the more solid your inner joy and peace become.   

Instead of getting rattled by outer circumstances and events, you can stay calm, focused and strong.

What you wear affects how you feel and think.

You know how, with some things that you wear, you feel blah, with others you feel neutral, with others you feel good - and with a few you totally light up from inside. You feel so happy - and you radiate it out!* 
That is true beauty. Not body shape or size or age.

You are in charge of how you feel.
Express on the outside the radiant being that you are on the inside. 

The wearable art that you create and wear doesn't have to be "in your face".
It can be understated, quietly artsy, casually sophisticated, bold - and anything in between.

It's time to shine - your way - with clothes that make you radiate your inner joy.

*this can even be photographed with Kirlian photography.

Where do you wear the tops?

Grocery shopping, for appointments, shining on zoom, watching movies, relaxing at home, for gatherings and parties, out for dinner......

The tops bring out your inner passion and joy.
You don't want to tuck that away any longer!

Wear it - live it - and be happy.


"...and I swear even Netflix is better, when I watch it in one of my tops."
Karla M.

Science shows that wearing fun clothes is not indulgent or selfish.
It is self-care.

What you wear on your body affects how you feel and think.

Science shows that everything - including your body, emotions and thoughts - vibrates on various frequencies.
So do the colors, shapes and textures of the clothes that you wear.

When you wear clothes, that dampen your frequencies, you feel blah.
When you wear clothes, that are the same as current frequencies, you feel neutral.

But - when you wear clothes that enhance and uplift your frequencies, you literally light up from the inside. 

You have energy! You feel happy, vibrant and alive.*

Go for it! Create and wear clothes that light you up.

*this can even be photographed with Kirlian photography.

3 major benefits of creating and wearing your very own artful tops. 

1. You cultivate tremendous joy and deep inner calm when you create them.
2. You feel confident, happy and radiant when you wear them.
3. You save mega $$$ not having to buy them retail. 

"It is quite liberating!"

"Monika, what you are offering is something very special. I haven't seen anything like it.
I must say, I quite enjoy splashing paint freely. It took me out of my comfort zone.
It is quite liberating!"  Lindsay Cash

Whether you are a curious beginner or an advanced creative, if you desire:

- to let loose in fun, new ways,
- to paint freely without fear of making mistakes,
- to be bathed in joy and appreciation for yourself and your ability to create,
even if you think that you are not creative,
- to experience joy and calm from deep inside,  
- and you want fabulous tops, that make you feel happy and strong in everyday life, then this is the ideal program for you!

With having sold well over 10 000 pieces of wearable art clothing to high-end boutiques, galleries and to private collectors, what I teach you has a proven track record for outstanding pieces that women love.
If you are here, I bet you love the tops, too.
So - treat yourself and have lots of joy with it.

First Time!

For years designers and fiber artists have been trying to figure out how I create these tops. But haven't been able to do it.  

This is the first time that I give you everything, so you can create your own happy Signature wearable art tops for yourself - or your small business.

Sign up and have great joy!

What's included?

Clear step by step videos.
The videos are "short, to the point and you get instant gratifications". (Linda Thompson, Diane Williams) (Full curriculum is at the bottom of this page)

Monika Astara's painting elements
Plus analyzing her designs, so you can use them for inspirations. 

Monika Astara's Signature painting methods. 
We paint several tops in each method, or combination of methods.

PDFs for a Course Reference and Paint Inspiration Book that will inspire and serve you for a lifetime.

Pattern templates for my 2 Signature styles. In all of my sizes.
Plus, I show you how to make several other styles from each of the Signature styles.

Using the Monika Astara Signature patterns, you can cut and sew a top after lunch and wear it for coffee with the girls an hour later!

You don't always have to make a new garment.
Painting on existing clothes, pieces of fabrics or on T-shirts, shawls, pillow cases, tote bags etc. gives you instant gratifications within just a few  minutes. 

Those items make treasured gifts.

Your friends will ooooh and aaaah when you proudly show off your fabulous creations.

Have a look at what the  Course Program is about.

If you get a "Player error" - simply refresh your page. Thank you!

You'd love to create gorgeous tops, but you think it looks too complicated and takes too much time?  

It is just the opposite.

The patterns and techniques let you create these high-end styles in a fraction of the time that traditional methods take. 

There is
- no messy mixing of dyes,
- no endless rinsing and washing that makes you cringe and you don't even start.
- no complicated processes that test your patience.
- no multiple pattern pieces that are like frustrating puzzles.  

You get what makes you happy:
- playful techniques and super simple, yet very flattering patterns for the 2 best selling styles.
- You can sew the tops in your sleep.
And you still get fabulous, expensive looking tops.

What Course Clients are saying

"Even though these tops look like pieces of art that would be difficult to do - they are so simple and playful to make. It's brilliant!" Karla M.

"I wore my first top to my quilt group. I got so many compliments!Rae Dollard

"I haven't had any joy or happiness in a very long time. Your course is giving me happiness and joy." Dale H.

"I have such a hyperactive mind. But I can't sit still for meditation. I just get more frustrated and I feel like a failure. I'm loving it that I can 'do' something with my hands - and it automatically calms down my mind.
I am a much happier person.
And I love getting all these compliments, when I wear my tops." Rose R.

Hello there, I am Monika Astara, your guide on this fabulous journey.  

My art teacher told me for 6 years that I have no creative bone in my body.
That God must have been asleep when He created me.

Yet, I have been a successful full time artist and high-end designer for 35 years.  
With my Signature unconventional ways.
My creations sell in high-end boutiques, galleries and are in private collections.

Inspiring you to create in your ways lights my fire.
That's where your magic happens - and you create pieces that are authentic and filled with your passion.

My extensive teacher training and experience* comes in handy to teach with joyful, short lessons.
You get instant gratifications with every step.

*I taught in schools in Germany, taught everything needed for a GED in a prison, taught in community colleges and on an online art platform.

Play like a kid - save years of trial and error - and save mega $$$$

In the Course you create like we did when we were kids - letting loose, splashing paint freely, from the heart, with Monika's simple methods that give you gorgeous results.
There are no "mistakes" - but plenty of joy.

My proprietary methods are the result of me having made well over 10.000 pieces of clothing and constantly coming up with new processes.

You start where I am at after 35 years.

It saves you years of experimenting.  
And saves you wasting hundreds and even thousands of dollars on fabrics and paints.

You'd love to create, but you think that you are not creative?

There is no such thing as "not being creative". It's a myth!
We are born creative. Just watch kids play.

Kids are absorbed in the process, enjoying the "doing". 

When they are finished, they do not doubt or criticize themselves or each other. 
They are content and happy and proudly present their creations to the parents and later to teachers.

And boom! - that's where the natural urge to create gets stifled by critical comments and disregard.

Many of us keep those old voices in our heads.
But now, instead of parents or teachers judging us, we internalized it and judge ourselves.

Here's your key to set yourself free:
use that same energy, that you use to judge yourself, and switch it to being curious and being excited about creating - for the pure joy of it.

simple, playful techniques combined.
Stunning result.
Endless color combo options.

More client love

"Monika, this is fantastic! You are a natural teacher.  Enthusiastic and patient. Love it!  
I also love the way you are emphasizing the healing and calming effects of the joy of creating."
Lyn Belisle, artist and art instructor

"Monika is well organized and easy to follow.  
Regular reviews and reminders help you remember and deepen what you've learnt.  ......
Thank you Monika for putting this all together!
Yes, I agree: what fun!" -  Sunnee Rakowitz, retired teacher, fiber artist

"The videos are excellent!
I used to evaluate teachers for UT (University of Texas). I can tell you were a teacher.
Very organized and concise.
With so many courses I feel like I wasted my time and money.
I am loving your course!
" Rae Dollard, Jeweler

"The Course material flows well from segment to segment and from module to module.
Your video presentations are great! 
You are very relaxed, making the viewer relaxed too.
I have so much fun with this Course!
It is giving me so much joy and happiness!"
Diane Williams, Photographer

Ready to have joy, inner calm and awesome tops to shine in?

This Project based program is for  all levels of experience.

This course program is easy to follow. Thanks to my thorough German teacher training, I break a comprehensive program down into short lessons with immediate beautiful results at every step.

Even if you are a beginner and think the tops look way out of your reach, you can successfully create them when you use the simple methods and patterns from this online course program!

It is not "just" about making awesome clothes the easy and playful way - it is as much about cultivating and being in a state of joy and appreciation for yourself and your natural creativity, while making the the tops.

Happily Create in Several Ways:

Create with Course mates

With our Zoom meetings you connect and share your passions with other creatives.

You never feel alone or isolated. You meet your Course mates, exchange ideas and experiments, laugh together, support each other, uplift each other and have fun.

And if Zoom is not your thing - you can stay private.

Zoom meetings continue indefinitely past the Course.

Create At Your Own Pace

One of the greatest advantages of an online course is the freedom to create at your own pace.  Day or night.

If you feel stuck or need inspirations - unlike with an in-person course, where you only have 1 shot while you are there - you can review the videos and PDFs over and over.

You have indefinite access to the course - with Monika, the instructor, at your fingertips, in your home, 24/7.

Create in a Community

Join our private Facebook Club and connect with your course mates there.
Share photos, stories, challenges, successes and your pieces. Get support from Monika and your course mates.

If Facebook Community is not your thing - it is not required that you  participate. But it is helpful.

The Facebook Community also continues indefinitely after the course!

"Splashing paint - and getting great tops to wear is pure joy. It can't get better than that." Karla M.

Get a taste of how fast and fabulous you can create with just 1 technique!

Jazz up your T-shirt within a few minutes

I have created thousands of designs for high-end wearable art boutiques with just this one method: squirting paint from a bottle.

In the course we go over different paint elements that you can use to create endless designs. 

If you get a player error, simply refresh the page. Thanks!

Look at all these Gift Goodies - aka Bonuses.

Templates for my Monika Astara  brand sizes in the best selling  Alison and Joy pattern.

This gift goodie gives you the tried and true templates for all my sizes in the Joy and Alison style tops!

Templates for my 3 Signature pockets and Signature separate collar.

It's the first time ever that I make any of these available!

Supply sources for fabrics, paints,  threads, needles, fabric printing, printing your designs on clothing etc..  The sources are in the USA.   If you are outside of the US, I can give you tips on how to find sources.


Plenty of hands-on demos and PDF inspirations for more painting designs.

Inspirations for what to do with painted samples.

Module 10 is about Wholesale.

It includes templates for line sheets, order form, cover pages etc. ... and:  
How to price your creations for wholesale and retail. I tried finding this info online.  It was  a  time consuming, frustrating rabbit hole. And I never found any real answers.

How to find boutiques to sell your creations to.  This also saves you a tremendous amount of time and a lot of money.

Your personal tool box for awesome tops:

At the end of this Course Program, you have a tool box that consists of a magnificent variety of painting processes and top styles.  

You can use them as learnt - and you can play with them to your heart's delight and come up with more!

It's like going on a journey around the world! So much to discover. 
It never gets boring.
Every time you take the paints and fabrics
out, you are on to a new and exciting adventure!

When you create art on paper or canvas, it often ends up getting stuffed into a closet or drawer. 

However, when you WEAR your art, you are sprinkling its joy wherever you go.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

You have immediate access to the whole course after signing up for it.  You can log on 24/7.
You can review  the lessons as often as you want and whenever it suits you!

The Course stays online indefinitely.
Some call it "lifetime" access. But "indefinitely" is more accurate.

You are not alone and isolated. You are connected to your Course mates and Monika in a private Facebook group and with Zoom meetings - during and indefinitely after the Course.
You can also reach Monika by email.

It is great to take courses in person.
 - But they are limited to a few hours or a few days.
- Then you are on you own.
- You have to rely on memory and maybe some notes.  
- Often the courses you'd love to take are in another location or country.
- Expenses for travel, accommodations and meals add up pretty fast.    

With online courses
- you are virtually taken into the artist's studio.
- the instructor is at your fingertips 24/7.  
- you create alongside the artist in the comfort of your home,  at your own pace.
- you can revisit your courses over and over.
- you can play and pause whenever and however it suits you.  
-  you are also supported by me, Monika, and in the private Facebook Group that comes with the courses.

You can explore the Course and create to your heart's delight for 15 days.
I am confident that you get full value - as 100% of the course clients have gotten so far.

However, if you are not 100% satisfied, I refund your tuition (less processor fees).
No proof that you only watched less than 10% or any of that.
Just a refund.

Last day to request a refund is on day 15. No refunds are possible after that.

You can pay in full $997.-, or make 2 monthly payments of $525.- or 3 monthly payments of $360.-.

You will need a sewing machine and a serger.
Fabrics. Threads. Scissors. Dye-Na-Flow fabric paints and a few other materials that are given in the course.

A table to cut out and paint on. It is ideal to have a studio with a larger table - like 4'x8' or 4'x6'
Or have the option to set one up in a garage or covered patio.

However, it can be done on a regular dining room table.
We go over specifics in the course.

If you have questions or concerns, contact me and we'll have a chat. I am blunt and will not talk you into anything.
It's just a way to find out if the course is right for you at this time. 

Absolutely. All of the course content will work regardless of whether you’re on a computer or mobile device.
However, it is great to see the painting and sewing demonstrations on a larger screen.

You can post them in our private Facebook group. Either a member or Monika will answer them.
If you are not on FB, email
You are taken care of!

Another happy client:

"Monika’s online course has me in my studio making art and having fun!  
Using fabric paints with her methods is a lot quicker than the dyeing procedures I usually go through

 Here you get instant joy and gratification at what you’ve created!  

The videos are well done. They are short and to the point. They are well executed, giving you lots of opportunity  to try things in  short amounts of time as you move through the course.
Being able to revisit any of the videos is very helpful.  

And I like the fact that Monika is also available by Zoom, FB group and e-mail.
The course is suited for the beginner as well as those who are experienced in surface design.  

If you’ve been hesitating about taking the course I can only say:

Linda Thompson, wearable art Designer and Owner at Creative Couture.
Linda is wearing one of her Alison tops she created in the Course using my easy and fun Faux Shibori technique. 

As a direct result of the course, the bonus wholesale module and Monika's help, Linda's creations are now featured in the prestigious Santa Fe Weaving Gallery.

Are you excited - but not sure?

A chat is a great way to decide if this course program is a good fit for you at the right time.

Invest in your joy - risk free!  

Often, when our heart pulls us to do something that makes us light up, our mind interferes.     

I make it easy for you to give yourself the gift of having those fabulous tops and having inner joy in everyday life.

You get a 15 day 100% satisfaction  guarantee!  

I am confident, that you will love the program as much as all the clients so far, and that you will want to keep it - like they do.  

But, if you are not satisfied, I will refund your tuition - less processor fees.
Last day to request a refund is day 15. No refunds are possible after that. 
 You have nothing to lose and a lot of joy and fabulous tops to gain.

 Let your inner creative roar and join this rich journey.                                 

Course Tuition

  • 1 Time Pay - Best Value

    $997 USD


    Save with One Time Pay

  • 2 time pay
  • 2 payments of

    $525 USD

    per month

    2 monthly payments

  • 3 Time Pay
  • 3 payments of

    $360 USD

    per month

    3 monthly payment


Creating with our hands is the oldest and most natural way to be balanced, calm and happy.
 It's like a meditative dance with endless magical possibilities.
Most often it works faster than meditation.

Program Modules

"I haven't had happiness or joy in my life for a very long time. Your course is giving me happiness and joy. Thank you!"  Dale H.

Course Tuition

  • 1 Time Pay - Best Value

    $997 USD


    Save with One Time Pay

  • 2 time pay
  • 2 payments of

    $525 USD

    per month

    2 monthly payments

  • 3 Time Pay
  • 3 payments of

    $360 USD

    per month

    3 monthly payment


Interested, but not ready to sign up? 

I will keep you in the loop for great free projects, resources, fun creative tidbits and new course releases.

Don't want to make your own tops? But would love to have some?
Go to the product website - Monika Astara