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Jewelry Delight

Be your own Jewelry Designer! Create and wear beautiful jewelry that makes you feel happy and radiant in everyday life. It's fun and simple.

Do you love unique, fun jewelry, that looks fabulous - and also supports you energetically?

But you cannot find it in stores, or it's too expensive. And you are frustrated with getting lost in endless rabbit holes trying to find suitable tutorials on YouTube.

Then the upcoming online "Jewelry Delight" Program is perfect for you.

Intentionally create jewelry that you love, that makes you smile and you feel happy every time you wear it.

Even if you are a beginner, you can feel like an accomplished designers.

If you are an experienced designer, you get some new delightful ways to create fresh, exciting looks for yourself and your clients.

Jewelry Delight opens March/April 2023 - online - with Zoom and private FB Club support.

Benefits of creating your own jewelry

When you create with your hands - even for just minutes at a time - your nervous system calms down.
You experience sweet pleasure and deep satisfaction. 

Plus, you get beautiful jewelry to wear in the process.

You save $$$ making your own jewelry that sparkles up your eyes and puts a spring in your step.
And you save $$$ by making treasured gifts for friends and family.

If you are a professional, you make  $$$$ selling it.

You can make earrings, necklaces and bracelets that suit your personality.  They can be as soft, sparkly, bold, artsy, sophisticated or casually elegant as you are.

Perfect for all "us girls".  Jewelry is such a fun way to go from feeling blah to feeling wow - with even just a pair of earrings. When you create jewelry - for yourself, friends, your business - you can let loose and go for what lights you up. That joy is priceless!

I invite you to create jewelry that lights you up from inside. 

In this program you get to create with some traditional methods - with a twist - and some of my unconventional methods. 
They are fun, playful and simple - yet you get  gorgeous, happy jewelry that makes you feel confident and content.

It is a joy-filled comprehensive program into different styles and ways of making jewelry.* Including creating jewelry according to how you want to be supported, what you want to be nurtured with and what intentions you like to incorporate.

That way you not only have great looking jewelry - but you also feel supported and nourished when you wear what you create. 

Each step is concise, fun and easy to follow.

Thanks to my thorough German teacher training and having made and sold well over 10.000 pieces of jewelry, you get instant gratifications with each step.

* There is no metal cutting or soldering involved.
It's all with readily available materials like paper, beads, components, wire, paints, found objects, free stock images, fabric pieces etc.. You start with what you most likely already have.

Comment from a "test driver" who had insisted that she wasn't creative:

Amanda B.


"I don't know how Monika comes up with such creative ideas to make something beautiful.
She even shows how to make simple, interesting earrings or pendants from daily trash - like Kleenex boxes.
I love how relaxed and joyful Monika is.  Her instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

I even forgot that I had thought I wasn't creative. I am really enjoying making my own jewelry now ."*

*Amanda was part of testing some of the course materials to get input.
She started with making one of the same earrings as in the course (they are in the picture).
Now she lets her inner designer roar with joy and loves to explore different ways to create the jewelry that suits her personality.

Hi there, I am Monika Astara, your guide and inspirer

My art teacher told me for 6 years that I have no creative bone in my body.
That God must have been asleep when He created me.

Yet, I have been a successful full time artist and high-end designer for 35 years.
During that time I have created over 20.000 pieces of clothing and jewelry - using my Signature unconventional ways.
My creations sell in high-end boutiques, galleries and are in private collections.

So - if anyone ever told you that you are not creative! YAY! 
You are beyond traditional rules.

You have the freedom to discover methods that are authentic to YOU and filled with your passion.

I am here to inspire and guide you to boldly go for your unconventional magic.
So that - regardless of outer circumstances - you freely live your life with passion and joy.