Be your own Designer.

Make Happy Art that you can Wear.

It's simple and playful.

Create with passion - wear your art - and live with joy.

Make beautiful hand painted clothing and artful jewelry that you wear every day.

Monika Astara's unconventional methods are simple, fun and faster than traditional ones.
They make it easy for you to get stunning results.
The fabric painting methods are not available anywhere else.

For curious beginners, professional creatives and those in between.


What you wear affects how you feel and think.

When you wear happy hand painted tops and happy jewelry that light you up from inside, your voice is stronger, your eyes shine, you stand taller, you smile and you are happy.
You feel beautiful, confident and content.  

That allows you to deal with challenges of daily life from a place of inner calm.
Instead of getting frustrated and rattled, you find creative solutions.

Creating with the hands calms the nervous system and cultivates joy.

A plethora of research - and personal experiences - show that when you create with your hands and play like kids do - curious, engaged, experimenting, enjoying each moment - the chatter in your mind subsides.
You experience delicious joy, deep satisfaction and soothing calm.
For most it works faster than meditation.

That allows you to deal with daily challenges from a place of inner calm and strength. Instead of getting frustrated and rattled, you can find creative solutions.

If you are one of us whose mind is constantly on hyperdrive, but you can't sit still, and mediating makes you feel like a failure - then creating with the hands can easily be your ultimate way to calm the mind and reset the brain into a state of balance. At the same time you cultivate joy and get some fun things to wear. 

Do you create art - but then stuff it into drawers? Or hide it in closets?
Instead, create hand painted clothes and fun jewelry that you proudly and joyfully wear every single day.

It can be as simple as dangly earrings, or a painted shawl that sparkle up your eyes.
 And it can be as bold as whole outfits, where you radiate exuberance.

You have to get dressed.
Make it so you feel happy and beautiful.

You know how, with some things that you wear, you feel blah, with others you feel neutral, with others you feel good - and with a few you totally light up from inside. You feel so happy - and you radiate it out! That is true beauty.

Imagine how liberated you feel when you express on the outside, the radiant being that you are on the inside. 

The wearable art that you create and wear doesn't have to be "in your face". 
You create it to suit your personality. It can be understated, quietly artsy, casually sophisticated, bold - and anything in between.

What Michelle B. says:

"It's brilliant!"

"I always thought that your art must be complicated and involved.
But your concept is so simple.  
It's brilliant."

4 options to create your own art-to-wear.
Which ones light your fire?

#1: online
Get started for FREE.

This Drama vest and other fast and fabulous pieces are in the free "Joy of Creating with Fabrics".
It's a compilation of individual short, fun projects.
You can make them within minutes to less than an hour.

It's fun and simple! This vest is a rectangle with 2 holes - freely splashed with paint. That's it! You can wear it several ways.

Get a taste of how exquisite it is when you create, and then wear, a stunning piece of clothing.
It makes even beginners feel like accomplished designers.

Sign up. Taste the joy of splashing paint and wearing happy, hand painted clothes.

#2: online
The Ultimate Pattern and Painting Party.

This Signature Program is a fantastic Shortcut to creating hand painted art-to-wear tops and tunics for every day.  

The top and tunic styles are comfortable, look great and are easy to make.
When you wear them, you feel supported and happy.
That allows you to love and enjoy yourself the way you are right NOW.

Course clients often marvel at the painting methods and the patterns - and how "brilliantly simple, playful and fast" they are.

If you love to create - or would love to dive into creating - this is perfect for you. Make those clothes that you've been admiring! You'll wear them day and night.

Like Karla M. says:
"I swear, even watching Netflix is better when I wear one of my tops."

The pendant  in the photo is made from a detail of a joyfully "smeared" paper. It does not require any artistic "talent".

#3:  online - Coming spring 2023

Jewelry Delight

Experience delicious inner joy and soothing calm on this magical journey into different types of jewelry. 

As always, there are unusual methods, materials and approaches.

This program is perfect for all "us girls".  Jewelry is such a fun way to go from feeling blah to feeling wow - with even just a pair of earrings.

When you create jewelry that suits your personality you can let loose and go for what lights you up. That joy is priceless!

And what to say of saving mega $$$ by making your own jewelry, making treasured gifts for friends - or earning $$$$ by selling it in your business. 

#4 in person
Book a Private Studio Day with Monika

Spend a magical day with Monika in person at her Studio in Austin, Texas, USA!

If you are a beginner, the "Private Studio Day" sets you up for creating fabulous pieces on your own with confidence and delight.

If you have already taken the Course Program, are an advanced creative, or are a designer, the Private Studio Day fast tracks you on adding exciting new techniques and styles to your repertoire.

Available for individuals and for 2-3 friends at the same time.

It's an exquisite way to celebrate yourself and to celebrate milestones.
Or create long lasting joy-filled memories with friends or family.

Contact Monika with your name and phone number to set up a chat to see if this in person option fits your desires.

What Clients say

"Monika, what you are offering is something so special. I haven't seen anything like it.
I must say I quite enjoy the freedom to splash paint freely.
It took me out of my comfort zone. It is quite liberating." 
Lindsay Cash

"Your encouragement and sharing of ways to create joy through painting on fabric and paper are a 
great support and are opening doors in my brain and heart to painting in an unstructured way. I am having so much fun with your methods." Diane Williams

"I haven't had any happiness or joy in my life for a very long time. Your course is giving me so much happiness and joy. Thank you!" Dale H.

"It's so simple! It's brilliant." Priti B.

"I swear, even Netflix is better watching it in one of my tops." Karla M.

"This is fantastic! ....You are a natural teacher. Enthusiastic and patient. 
I also love the way you are emphasizing the joy of creating." Lyn Belisle

"Monika’s online course has me in my studio making (wearable) art and having fun! Using fabric paints with her methods are a lot quicker than the dyeing procedures I usually go through.
Here you get instant joy and gratification at what you’ve created!"
Linda Thompson (wearable art designer)

Hi there, I am Monika Astara, your guide and inspirer

My art teacher told me for 6 years that I have no creative bone in my body.
That God must have been asleep when He created me.

Yet, I have been a successful full time artist and high-end designer for 35 years.
During that time I have created over 20.000 pieces of clothing and jewelry - using my Signature unconventional ways.
My creations sell in high-end boutiques, galleries and are in private collections.

So - if anyone ever told you that you are not creative! YAY! 
You are beyond traditional rules.

You have the freedom to discover methods that are authentic to YOU and filled with your passion.

I am here to inspire and guide you to boldly go for unconventional magic.
So that - regardless of outer circumstances - you live your life with passion and joy.

Creating is not a luxury - it is a necessity.

When you create, the brain builds neurological pathways for joy and calm.
The more you create, the stronger those pathways become.
That allows you to live your life being balanced, kind, gentle and strong.

That's especially needed in the tumultuous days that we are in.
Creating with the hands is such a joy-filled way to counter-balance outer disturbances and keep peaceful and calm inside.

Science shows that wearing fun clothes and jewelry is not indulgent or selfish.
It is self-care.

What you wear on your body does affect how you feel and think.

Science shows that everything - including your body, emotions and mind/thoughts - vibrate on various frequencies.
So do the colors, shapes and textures of the clothes and jewelry that you wear.
We experience that as energy.

When you wear clothes and jewelry that dampen your frequencies (energy), you feel blah. When you wear clothes and jewelry that are the same as current frequencies, you feel neutral.

But - when you wear clothes and jewelry that enhance and uplift your frequencies, you literally light up from the inside. 
You have energy and you feel happy, vibrant, alive.*

Have fun and play with it!
Use hand painted clothes and uniquely "you" jewelry to uplift and support yourself.

*this can even be photographed with Kirlian photography.

You'd love to create, but you think you are not creative?

So did Diane.
Diane (in the photo) had been wanting to create tops like I do.
But she insisted that she is not creative.

It is such a useless, made-up belief that so many of us have.
It often shuts down the natural need for creative expression.
We are born creative. Just watch kids play.

I am passionate about inspiring and guiding you to create to your heart's delight.

With just one of my super simple, fun techniques, Diane turned her throw-away T-shirt into a fantastic art shirt - within 5 minutes.

"Not being creative"
I can totally relate to it.

Even though I had been creating hand painted wearable art clothing and jewelry for over 30 years, had a successful boutique that Oprah called "a gem of a boutique", was selling to high-end wearable art boutiques and had thousands of people telling me how creative I am - I never believed it.

What I do is so natural for me, that I thought any kid can do this.
It feels so easy and playful, that I never thought it qualifies for being artistic or creative.      

Meanwhile I realized, that's exactly where our creative genius is: 
when it is so easy and natural, that we think it's "nothing".  

It's most likely the same for you. You dismiss your creative expressions because they seem too simple. But that's where you excel!

So, do what I have been doing - create because you need to. 
Don't compare - it's the killer of joy. 
Just create for the sake of creating and have fun!

Real life transformations - through clothing and jewelry.

Over the last 35 years I have played with thousands of women with clothing and jewelry.  
They experience how the colors, textures and shapes of the clothes and jewelry that they wear, affect the way they feel about themselves, the way they stand, behave, interact and what they feel capable of doing.

There are so many astounding transformations.
Find out how you can do it for yourself - and read some inspiring stories.

Fast and Fabulous!

Turn your T-shirts, shawls, tote bags etc. into hand painted, wearable pieces of art - within minutes.

More fast and fabulous ways are in the free "Joy of Creating with Fabrics".

From "funk" to "fun".

"There's nothing better than splashing paint inspired by Monika's methods to take myself out of a funk and into having fun." Marissa L.

Sign up to be a Studio VIP (Vibrant Inspired Person) - it's free.

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  3. Get practical style tips in the blog - like how to wear the shawls that are tucked into drawers, so you can actually enjoy them.

"It is like getting happiness and joy sprinkled into my daily life." Carol Westen

Go for it!

Get a program - sign up for the VIP.
Create, so that you live your life with passion, joy and inner peace - while wearing an increasingly happy wardrobe.

It's liberating!

Life's too short to play small and wear boring clothes and jewelry.
Play big - your way. Live your dream. Wear what you love.