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     Welcome to musings, stories, projects and inspirations about all things creative.
             Artful Clothing, Jewelry, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Collage, Mark Making.... and more.

   This blog is my latest venture to spread joy into the world.
Relax with inspiring stories, or make something beautiful with short, fun ways to create. 

It boosts your joy and happiness - naturally. And you get something fun to wear or show off or talk about.

 When you create with your hands, you experience pleasure, satisfaction, deep calm and joy.
That brings out your natural inner strength.
 Real strength makes you gentle and kind with yourself- and therefor with others.
When you are happy, love and enjoy yourself, it spreads to everyone around you.  
 It makes the world a better place.                
One person at a time. 

I invite you to relax, have fun and let your inner creative roar.

I am passionate about spreading the Joy of Creating around the world! You can help.
Share this blog, this website with its fee and free courses with friends, colleagues, groups and family.
Let's sprinkle joy around the world together. Thank you!

I am Monika Astara.
Inspiring you to love yourself the way they are right NOW and to create freely and with lots of joy is my passion.

Whether you are a timid beginner, or you think you are not creative (a myth!), or you are an advanced professional, you find unconventional methods here that are fun, simple and fast. Yet you get awesome results.

The wearable art brand Monika Astara, that sells nationally in boutiques and galleries, is my first creative baby that I started in 1987. It's all about making women love themselves and radiate it out.
In the mid nineties I added collectable jewelry.
 And in the last few years happy digital art.

What we wear on our bodies and what we look at on our walls, influences how we feel and think.
It might as well all be happy.

Monika Astara Murphy | Sep 10, 2022

We wouldn't drive a car with low tires. It doesn't handle well, is sluggish, needs more gas. Same with us, if we don't create.

Monika Astara Murphy | Sep 08, 2022

Creating necklaces and earrings is like a meditative dance. Intuitively picking components and letting them align in their own harmonious ...

Monika Astara Murphy | Sep 04, 2022

Kindness, respect and love are forces that can change the world for the better. They are inside of us. Let's use them.

Monika Astara Murphy | Jul 04, 2022

Thoughts on kindness and love versus blame and anger.

Monika Astara Murphy | Apr 01, 2022

What does it mean "to be creative"? Why do we believe that we are NOT creative - even though we are born creative. Let's explore it.

Monika Astara Murphy | Jun 01, 2022

Turn a shawl into a cool looking top or cover-up. Just 1 seam that is about 15" long. It's fun with instant gratification. Ideal for ...

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