Follow your passion - and help shows up when you need it.

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Are you passionate about something and would love to turn it into your income producing activity? But fear stops you?

Follow your passion - and help shows up when you need it.

I hope this story of my early stumblings into retail business inspires you to follow your passion. 
You'll never "be ready" - but you'll always learn and get help as you go along. 

And for those who are not interested in going into any kind of entrepreneurship - enjoy the story. It might make you smile.

When I opened a boutique, all I had was a bunch of clothes and jewelry that I had made as well as a used jewelry case and a few wall hooks I bought from another business in town.

We rented a little cute house on main street, turned the living and sunroom into the boutique, the master bedroom into my studio for making clothes and I created jewelry on a small table behind the counter. 

With a lot of passion I considered myself to be "in retail business". 
Without the slightest clue about business. I didn't even know that you could learn about "business".

One day an eighteen-wheeler truck stopped
in front of that little house on main street.
 The truck driver had just slid and inched his rig down the needle curves with steep drop-offs on icy Wolf Creek pass. With knees shaking from the sliding and trying to keep the truck on the road, he needed a break. 

A row of necklaces, that were sparkling in the window, had caught his eye. And he stopped his semi truck.
When he came in, I was sitting behind the counter, working on a necklace.

"Howdy, ma'am. How are you?" Looking up, I blurted out: "Frustrated and miserable."
Had I lost my mind???
Calmly he asked: "Why?"
"I can't figure out why I am not making any money."
Now I was sure I had lost my mind. 

He looked at all the clothes and the necklaces and earrings, looked at all the prices.
"I can tell you why you are not making any money."
I stared at him. He smiled: "Your prices are too low."
Now my eyes really popped. He inquired "which business school did you go to?"
My mind did a somersault: "What? There is a school for that?"
Him: " Oh my. Let's sit down."

Turned out, he was 3rd generation of retailers. He grew up with retail talk at breakfast, lunch and dinner, worked in the family business from an early age through college - and still was involved in it.

For the next one and a half hours I got my first and only retail business lesson, while he was sipping the coffee I had made for him.

When I asked him how to accomplish a crucial part from his lesson, he said: "you'll have to figure that one out on your own."

At that time there were no business websites, no cell phones, no tablets or google, where you just ask and you shall get all your answers with the click of a mouse
Research possibilities were very limited to talking to people and getting creative in calling around - on a phone that was wired to the wall.

I implemented what I could. But was missing that one important part.
But, as always, when you are determined and passionate about what you do, more help shows up. 

A year later a woman who had a boutique in Dallas, walked into my new location at the Hot Springs Resort. We totally hit it off. She asked me to join her for her next shopping trip in Los Angeles. And there I found that other crucial part, when I was roaming the streets in the garment district, while she was shopping the high priced, fancy market center.

13 years later I sold a successful boutique. In a small mountain town, where most new businesses closed within the first 1-2 years. 
Just within my first 6 years in business there, I counted 35 other businesses that had started and closed. Mine was one out of 4 that succeeded.

So - never believe that something is impossible.
If you have a passion - totally go for it!
Help does show up when you need it.

If you, or anyone you know, needs some encouragement to follow their passion, please, pass this on.

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Let me know: how does help show up for you?

Have a magnificent time and be kind to yourself,


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