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 Hello, I am Monika Astara.
For the last 36 years I've  inspired women to love themselves the way they are right now.
The transformations have been amazing!
My happy wearable art brand Monika Astara was a  big part of it.

Now I am equally passionate about inspiring you to create freely and with lots of joy, so that - regardless of outer circumstances - you can live your life from a place of inner joy and calm.

Monika Astara Murphy | Dec 25, 2023

We wouldn't drive a car with low tires. It doesn't handle well, is sluggish, needs more gas. Same with us, if we don't create.

Monika Astara Murphy | Dec 25, 2023

Sounds like an awesome excuse to keep shopping? No quite. It means choose what lights up your inner joy. And leave the rest.

Monika Astara Murphy | Feb 07, 2023

You are your own constant companion - pour some love onto yourself. And if you are up for it - create a fabulous vest that makes you feel ...

Monika Astara Murphy | Feb 05, 2023

Are you passionate about something and would love to turn it into your income producing activity? But fear stops you?

Monika Astara Murphy | Jul 04, 2022

Thoughts on kindness and love versus blame and anger.

Monika Astara Murphy | Dec 25, 2023

What does it mean "to be creative"? Why do we believe that we are NOT creative - even though we are born creative. Let's explore it.

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