Digital Transformation Art

Stunning art doesn't have to take hours - it can take minutes.

Transform a photo of a simple hand painted T-shirt design into captivating Art - with just a few clicks.

"The Brilliance is in its Simplicity".
                                   Karen Harold

With this innovative process of using hand painted designs - or detail shots of hand painted designs on fabrics or clothes* - together with an editor, I give you the tools to create art that will knock your socks of. 
Literally within minutes!

First Art piece: 5 minutes 30 seconds.
Second Art piece: 5 minutes
Third Art piece: 11 minutes.

*you can use any photos you like. 
Keep it simple to start - and then experiment.

Simple, unconventional processes - fabulous results.

To get to this place of "short, fun and fabulous", I spent years and countless hours of experimenting in an ancient version of Photoshop Elements.  

Enjoy the fruits and the results of my quests to simplify creative processes.
So that - even if you are timid beginner - you can get breathtaking results that make you confident and happy. 

Above is the humble start of  the awesome art below.

You can use these processes with any photo.

If you don't have photos that you want to experiment with, get some from free and royalty free sources.

My 2 favorite sources for great photos / images to play with:
Pixabay and Unsplash.

 Use the process from this course to create cards, book covers, journal covers, mixed media and collage fodder.
It's highly gratifying!

Have a look "behind the scenes":

Since I have an old computer, I cannot upload an app for screen recording.
But I was determined to show you this process!

In typical "Monika style" - I rigged up my camcorder to film the computer screen. 

Instead of a fancy digital arrow button of a screen recording program, I used my fingers to point to where I was clicking for the individual steps.

So - don't ever let anything stop you from doing what your heart desires.


When you create with playful methods and see gorgeous results, it nurtures and expands that place deep inside where you feel happy, confident and calm.

So you can live with passion, harmony and joy.

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"Wow! This is so SIMPLE."

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Digital Transformation Art


  • Turn a photo of a simple hand painted T-shirt design into captivating Art - with just a few clicks.

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