Resources and Supplies for Creating with Fabrics

My favorite fabric paint and all around sewing resources and supplies - and where to buy them.

Supplies etc. to keep you creating

These are materials, equipment and supplies that I use in my studio.
They are organized by category with links to suppliers.

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If you discover that a product is no longer available through a link, please let me know.
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These are things that I use.
I have no monetary gain from listing them.
They are my gift to you.

Resource Modules 

Maggie Smith

Retired school teacher.

"Thank you for these resources! I ordered some tunics and scarves from Dharma. I am using the techniques from the Joy of Creating with Fabrics Course to make some painted tunics for myself. And I will treat my friend and daughter to painted scarves."

Make this 1 piece vest - and other fun pieces. It's FREE

This Drama vest - and other fast and fabulous pieces - are in the free online "Joy of Creating with Fabrics".

It's a compilation of individual short, fun projects.
You can make them within minutes to less than an hour.

Even beginners can feel like great designers.

Hi there, I am Monika Astara

My art teacher told me for 6 years:
"You have no creative bone in your body. God must have been asleep when He created you."  

But I loved art and creating with my hands! I wanted to study art. My teacher prevented it.
She did me a huge favor: I never internalized restrictive rules.
I simplify everything and always come up with my own playful techniques. 

I have been a successful full time artist and high-end wearable art designer for 35 years.
During that time I have created and sold well over 20.000 pieces of clothing and jewelry - using my Signature unconventional ways.

My creations sell in high-end boutiques, galleries and are in private collections.  

So - if anyone ever told you that you are not creative - YAY! - You are beyond traditional rules.

I am here to inspire and guide you to boldly go for your unconventional magic. 
So that - regardless of outer circumstances - you live your life with passion and joy.