Joy of Creating with Fabrics. An online Compilation of short, individual designs that are pure Joy.

Enjoy short, fun ways to paint on fabrics. Transform new and old clothes from blah to wow. Easy, flattering patterns. Fast, beautiful results.

These are compilations of short, individual fiber related creative ideas that you can do in as little as just a  few minutes.
Some are my social media posts - in one convenient place.

Each lessons is complete in itself. New projects and videos will be added periodically.
If you are signed up, I will notify you.
It's ideal for all who are short on time or have little to no patience - or both.
Or anyone who thinks that they are not creative, don't have time, too busy etc..

I am passionate about spreading the Joy of Creating around the world! You can help. Please, share these compilations, this website with its fee and free courses with friends, colleagues, groups and family. Let's sprinkle lots of joy around the world together. Thank you.

I am Monika Astara, your guide in this Studio.

I am passionate about inspiring you to create freely and with lots of joy.

Make it easy for yourself to create something FAST on a whim.
Put a few things into a box and have them handy:

Drama Vest. Pattern and instructions are in Module 2 "Great Styles - Easy Patterns", Lesson 1 Drama Vest

 1.)  liquid fabric paint in a ketchup bottle (or squeeze bottle with a cap).
I use Dye-Na-Flow. You can start with just black.

2.)  a few T-shirts, or clothes that you want to paint, or tote bags, pieces of fabrics, shawls/scarves.....

3.)  T-shirt board or garbage bag. 

How to use the garbage bag/T-shirt board and tips on how to set up for painting are in Module 1, Lesson 1 and 2.

Even if you are tired in the evening, you can now paint a top or a shawl or tote bag while walking from the dining room table to the couch - and wear your new shawl or top in the morning.


"I must say, I quite enjoy the freedom of splashing paint freely. It moved me out of my comfort zone. It is quite liberating." Lindsay Cash

Module 1:

Use the painting techniques from this module also on other things like fabrics, tote bags, canvas, shawls, mixed media fabric pieces, even on paper....
Play and experiment. It's fast, fun and fabulous!

From blah to Wow! - within minutes.

Turn a new, or a blahh or a throw-away top into a piece of art in less than 5 minutes. 

Of course, this works super great on new clothes, fabrics, tote bags, shawls......

Jazz it Up!

Take a T-shirt/top/shawls and splash it with this method.
It's a fast picker-upper that is fun and you get something artsy cool to wear in the process.
I have made well over 2000 different designs with just this technique and black paint.

Drama Vest!

Go ahead - amaze yourself!
Splash paint freely and let that inner  designer roar.

And get an awesomely dramatic vest to wear in the process.
Best part: it's just a rectangle with 2 holes. Can't get any simpler.

Module 2:

Even those with 2 left hands and a thorough dislike for multiple pattern pieces, feel like great designers with these patterns.
If you decide to paint on the styles from this Module, it is helpful to view Module 1, Lesson 1 and 2 before starting here.

Drama Vest

Easiest pattern ever.
No seams!
Just a rectangle with 2 holes. YUP!
And 5 different ways to wear it.

Perfect piece to add spark and life to those leggings and T-shirts or tank tops we have gotten so used to now.

Shawl Top 

Easy, fun style.

A shawl and just a 15" seam and you are done!
Instructions on how to wear the poncho tops 6 ways are included.

Next up 

Easy, flattering style for any body type. 

Please note:
terms of use.

The patterns and painting techniques are proprietary.

You can freely use them for making things for yourself, friends, family, or to sell the finished goods in your small 1 person business.

However, you cannot teach or share the patterns and painting techniques in any form - social media, books, e-books, your courses or any other form.

If you want to teach or share the patterns or techniques, please contact me for written permission to use them in specific ways and with appropriate credit giving.


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