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When you create freely with abandon, you experience pleasure, satisfaction, 
deep calm and joy.  Instead of getting frustrated, tense and upset in daily life,
you can stay happy and find creative solutions.


"I am having so much fun creating with your methods. I am a frustrated abstract painter.
Your ways of painting on fabric are giving me so much joy and happiness."
Diane Williams

Courses coming fall / winter 2022

Creative Home Sanctuary

Joy of Jewelry 

Digital Art Making

 Want to have inner peace and joy in everyday life? 
Within just a few minutes?

But you can't sit still for meditation, don't like to exercise and all that other stuff? Plus you are too tired after getting home from work, or dealing with the kids all day long. You just want to crash. It's not fun. But that's the cycle of busy days and minds on hyperdrive.

How about relaxing and refreshing with something that brings you joy and is simple? 
So you can enjoy  your time "off".

 Creating with the hands calms the nervous system and resets the brain. For many of us faster than meditation.

If you are already relaxed and you love to create, this gives you even more joy in short amounts of time.

   Having a few supplies and a little space to play creatively with simple, gratifying ways for even just  5 to 10 minute does wonders for us! It brings back sanity, joy and inner calm. We feel happy and  face daily life  and challenges with confidence and  inner strength.

We set up a "tool box" of simple supplies that give us endless ways to create. You most likely already have most of them! That allows you to create on a whim - without having to search for things to use and bring them together. It's all there - ready to go, have joy and relax.
The course includes several small projects that boost your confidence and plenty of inspiration to keep you going. Plus, you can join the private Facebook group for continued support and inspiration.

Want to make jewelry that expresses your individuality and quirky-ness? Jewelry that sparkles up your days and turns your clothes into outfits that are YOU? 

Making your own earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins lets you pick the beads, colors and components that excite you, that light you up and you have that special joy when wearing them that comes from the inside and makes your eyes bright and shiny.

Putting your hands into trays of beads and other components, seeing possibilities and creating jewels that totally reflect your personality and style, is deeply gratifying and tremendously fun.
It's like an instant mood booster.

When we dive into creating, the outside world disappears. We tap into our natural inner creativity and feel the strength and happiness that resides inside.

You will never run out of gift ideas either.
Imagine giving your own creations as gifts to family and friends and how amazing it feels to see how they cherish and adore them!
Whenever a friend needs a picker-upper, you can make one for her that is personal and that she will treasure. The same for you - make something for you when you need to strengthen and uplift yourself.

Getting together with friends for a beading party is a fun way to spend a couple hours and get quality social time in.

Or create for your business and reap accolades from happy clients.  

Want to create your very own awesome art - without  having to do any traditional painting?  

 This course is especially gratifying if you think that you are not artistic and cannot paint.   But you love to play with paint - you just can't get "art" pieces that way.  Neither can I. But I have a blast splashing and smearing paint - without any goal of doing "art".  

We indulge our urge to paint - the fun and easy way, without pressure. Just playing and enjoying. Then we create "real art" with the papers that we made.  
Without further lifting a brush.  We'll add photos to some of our painted papers and play with different ways of creating art through digitally enhancing, altering and layering papers and photos.
There is no stress of "not being creative, having 2 left hands, can't mix colors for the heck of it, never painted in my life, whatever I paint is really bad...." etc. .  None of that. You'll love discovering your own digital art genius.

     If you are an advanced or professional painter, who already does awesome art, this gives you new excitement and adds fabulous pieces to your repertoire.

You can even use photos of your existing art to create a whole body of new art. Without having to paint it!

    Creating Composite Art is like being in a magical world with endless possibilities of beauty and fun surprises.

What Course Clients are saying:

"Monika, what you are offering is something so special. I haven't seen anything like it. I must say I quite enjoy the freedom to splash paint freely. It took me out of my comfort zone. It is quite liberating."  Lindsay Cash

"I always thought that your art must be complicated and involved. But your concept is so simple. It's brilliant!" Michelle B

"Been watching your videos all evening! Sooo many ideas........The videos are excellent!  I used to evaluate teachers for UT (University of Texas). I can tell you were a teacher. Very organized and concise. With so many courses I feel like I wasted my time and money. I am loving your course!" Rae Dollard, Jeweler

 "I am enjoying myself greatly! The painting lessons are really inspiring. It is truly fun, joyful and relaxing to watch you paint. Thank you so much for sharing your skills, knowledge and creativity with us!" Diane Williams, Photographer

 "The lessons are great, instructions are clear and as a retired teacher myself that counts for a lot!  What fun!" Sunne Rakowitz

 " Monika, this is fantastic! You are a natural teacher. Enthusiastic  and patient. Love it! I also love the way you are emphasizing the healing and calming effects of the joy of creating" Lyn Belisle

"Monika’s online course has me in my studio making art and having fun! Using fabric paints with her methods is a lot quicker than the dyeing procedures I usually go through. Here you get instant joy and gratification at
what you’ve created!
The videos are well done. They are short and to the point. They are well executed, giving you lots of opportunity to try things in short amounts of time as you move through the course." Linda Thompson