Creative Joy

Fun, playful ways to create on Paper. Using the Golden Key.

It's deliciously soothing, calming and joyful.

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"The health and heartbeat of our business and personal life depends on our ability to stay calm, focused and happy - even when our inner or outer worlds are going bonkers.

 When we can stay calm and joyful, we significantly reduce the time we spend on being frustrated, depressed or overwhelmed.

Instead we can be happy and find creative solutions."
Monika Astara 

Good news!

You don't have to sweat in a gym or twist your body into a bretzel to feel relaxed and happy.

For most of us, creating with the hands is the fastest and most playful way to feel calm and happy.

When you create, the brain shifts into the pleasure giving center.
Most often faster than with meditation - according to research.
You experience exquisite inner peace and happiness.

You then work more efficiently - with better results. 
Which automatically saves you a bunch of time that you can use to do more of the things you love!

This is backed by extensive scientific research.

You'd love to create - BUT creating can

- make you feel tense?
- get you frustrated?
- make you feel like you are no good at it?

I know those too well! It happens to everyone!
But I discovered:

The "GOLDEN KEY" is in HOW you create.

Having it makes a significant difference in the benefits you get from creating.
It can prevent you from getting frustrated and tense.
Instead, it allows you to create "Joy on Demand".

In Creative Joy you use the Golden Key to explore playful ways on paper.

They are designed to ignite and deepen the natural creativity that you are born with.

Delivered with Live Zoom sessions (with replays), Video lessons, PDFs over a 2 week period - on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
Details will be emailed.

Each lesson is SHORT - and complete in itself.
 It's instant gratification!
And no matter how old we are - don't we just love "short" and "gratifications"?!

Special Treat:

Discover the soothing effect of my 
Signature Asemic Calligraphy.

As well as playing like a kid with therapeutic doodling, paint smudging and paint dipping. 

It's awesome for Mark Making, Collage fodder, Collage, Journal covers, Art Books, Cards...and more.

Unconventional, playful methods.

  Deliciously calming and joyful results.

Have a look at the Course:

Simple Supplies

You most likely have all of these items.

The paints are available at most craft stores - and online.

They can be substituted with whatever paints you already have.

Using less materials for multiple results, stimulates the creative center of the brain - and boosts confidence and joy.

Classic Black and White

Remember the doodling you did as a kid?

A version of that is still one of the fastest "calming agents" - especially if you use the Golden Key from this Course.

It also makes super stunning Art.
It might just knock your socks off.

You can do this ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Uplifting Colors

A little fooling is a good thing here.
It's "painting" without a brush!

Using materials and methods that are unusual can greatly expand your ability to come up with creative solutions for challenges in your daily life.

At the same time, it's also a super fun way to make practical things like greeting cards, journal covers, collages and more.

Simple - all the way!

Total confidence booster:
the shirt and mug are printed with photos of papers that are super fun and fast to do with lids and oats.

No talent required!

No special space required.
You can even create sitting in your recliner with a piece of cardboard on your lap.

No fancy supplies.
Just (copy) paper, scissors, pen, Sharpie, 3-5 small craft store paints, a simple brush and a few things you usually throw in the trash:
bottle caps, an old credit card or stiff lid from a food box.

Yes! It's THAT simple!

You can even do it with your kids.

I can smudge paint and switch into being happy? " 

It's about giving your brain the conditions to relax, so you can access your Natural Creative Joy.

Absolutely no talent required.

I know! It sounds crazy good! 
And it really is!

In my world it's gotta be SIMPLE and JOYFUL!
That's why I have always come up with my own unconventional methods. 

They are playful, fun and faster than traditional ones.
And - YAY! - they really do give you instant gratifications.

Gorgeous art in 5-10 minutes.
No paint brush and absolutely no talent required.

What Clients say

"It's brilliant!"

" I always thought that your art must be complicated and involved.
But it's so SIMPLE!
It's brilliant!"
Michelle B., artist

"It's quite liberating!"

  "Monika, what you are offering is something so special. I haven't seen anything like it.

I must say I quite enjoy the freedom to splash paint freely. It took me out of my comfort zone.
It is quite liberating."
Lindsay Cash

Do you think you are not creative?

That's a devastating myth!

We are all born creative!
Just watch kids play.

We'll bust that myth.

And you can create happily ever after.

Doesn't this look like multiple layers of paint were applied with skill?
Surprise! It took less than two minutes!

No time for creating?

Ohhh - "no time" has been one of my "favorite reasons" to say NO too many times to things that would BRING ME JOY.
"No time" - it sounds so logical!

Except - it doesn't hold up.

All I have to do is look at the time spent scrolling on social media.
And - BAM! That excuse is totally out.

Or: what about watching Netflix? Shows?

Can you relate?
And - what do you choose?

I invite you to choose CREATIVE JOY.
Join this beautiful journey into inner calm and happiness. It's FREE.

P.S.:  one of the coveted benefits of creating is, that you actually can get all other work done faster and more efficiently.
Which leaves you with more time to do things you love.
Including Creating.

Hello, I am Monika Astara, your guide on this fabulous journey.

"You have no creative bone in your body!  
God must have been asleep when He created you!"  

That's what my art teacher told me for 6 years.
You most likely have your own version of this in your life.

It might also have hampered your creativity for a while - like it did for me. So I became a teacher first.
I was teaching in public schools, community colleges and a prison.

But after 10 years my passion for artful expressions won. 
I took the plunge - and have been a full time, successful artist and art wear designer since 1987.

From the very beginning I have always come up with my own fast, playful unconventional methods.
My teacher wasn't a fan of them.
But my students say they haven't had this much joy and happiness.
And that they haven't seen most of the methods anywhere else.

 Inspiring and guiding you to create in ways that light you up and boost your confidence, totally lights me up.

I so look forward to meeting you on the INSIDE of CREATIVE JOY!

Let's round up the goodies you've gained by the end of Creative Joy

You have joyful, simple tools to get yourself from overwhelmed, depressed, feeling scattered to feeling calm, happy and focused.

It frees up precious time that you can use to do things that you love!

You can use the black and white tools anywhere and anytime. Even while sitting in a meeting or in a waiting room.

You have experienced that something as simple as playing on papers absolutely can shift your mood within minutes.

You can do this with your kids or grandkids - and get quality time in that feels relaxing and rejuvenating for all.

It increases your joy in life and business.

Your Super Sweet Bonus:

Sometimes you just need an extra boost - without having to "DO" anything!

I show you how and where you can have even your most humble designs turned into gorgeous printed creations that lift you up on those days.

drinking your coffee out of your own art mug.

Or sitting at your desk or strolling around in your own art shirt.

Or looking at your own art on the walls.

Can you feel how it lights you up?!
How it makes you smile and you relax - just by being reminded of your natural inner joy?!

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It's available indefinitely. 

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It starts June 15 with a live Zoom at 1pm CST - and the first Module!
The other 4 Modules are released on Wednesdays and Saturdays 1pm - CST.
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- June 22 - Module 3 - Zoom and videos. Zoom times: 1pm and 8pm CST.
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- June 29 - Module 5 and Celebration! Zoom and online videos. Zoom times: 1pm and 8pm CST.

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The Course is delivered in 5 Modules - on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

It starts June 15 with a live Zoom at 1pm CST - and the first Module!
The other 4 Modules are released on Wednesdays and Saturdays 1pm - CST.  
- June 19 - Module 2 - videos online.
- June 22 - Module 3 - Zoom and videos. Zoom time will be determined later.
- June 26 - Module 4 - videos online.
- June 29 - Module 5 and Celebration! Zoom and online videos. Zoom time will be determined later.

The days in between give you time to actually do the playful exercises and get the benefits from them.

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Course Curriculum

When you create like kids do - exploring without expectations - you open the space in your brain and heart where natural joy lives and grows.

You can access that space faster with the help of the Golden Key.
And you can then create "Joy-on-Demand".

Click below to get yourself some delicious Creative Joy.

Creative Joy