Happy, unconventional art.
 Created by digitally layering photos of hand painted papers, fabrics, nature, industrial objects, stock photos.

The above art is created by digitally layering photos of: a detail of a large India ink splotch, abstract paint, and/or detail photo of hand painted fabric.

Above: the 2 joyfully "smeared" papers on the left and middle, digitally layered into great art - on the right.
There are endless possibilities for various color combinations. See the art below for some examples.

In the above images you can see how much fun it is to change the colors and create a variety of moods - from just 2 "smeared" papers (from the images above this row).

Above digital art from left to right: 3 ho-hum painted papers. Smeared, crinkled paper layered with a photo of nature.
A circle painted with a 4" foam brush in less than a minute - layered multiple times becomes art.

Above digital art: photos of nature/trees, layered with each other and photos of abstract art and detail photo of a hand painted top.

Create your own beautiful art that melts away daily stress.
It makes you feel relaxed  and brings you joy.
All without lifting a traditional art brush or knowing how to paint.

Have you been longing to create your own art?  But think you are not creative?
Or have you been wanting to make art, but don't like lengthy processes, the mess and expense for materials?

Here's your solution:  "Digital Delight" - a fun online, unconventional Art making Course.  
The Course is taught in Photoshop Elements in complete projects with clear step by step processes..  

First you have fun "painting" papers with playful unconventional methods. It only takes seconds to a few minutes.
You create for the pure joy of it.  
Then you layer those joyfully "painted", but often ho-hum looking papers in Photoshop Elements, apply different blending modes and filters - and voila: fabulous art!

Add interest by layering photos - your own or stock photos - and create intriguing art.  

With this process you can also create your own striking Signature mixed media papers.
"Digital Delight" Course is coming in the spring/summer of 2023. 
Click the button below to be notified when it is available.

Above: freely and joyfully splashed, but ho-hum looking papers transform into art in Photoshop Elements - or any other editor.
By layering 2 or more papers and applying filters, blending modes and making adjustments.

Above: it's totally fun to experiment and play with free stock photos that anyone has access to.
By layering them with colors etc. they turn into fabulous abstract art.
Or use the same abstract art and make it mysterious by layering it over an ancient gateway and add clouds. (left image)