Clothing is such an easy and fun way to support ourselves.
When we wear happy, artful Clothes in everyday life, we light up from inside. We feel beautiful, confident, joyful and radiant.

That's the type of clothing worth wearing every day!

Create art that you can wear.
It's truly fun and joyful - and you get fabulous tops.

A lot of art on paper and canvas gets banned into the darkness of drawers and closets.
Create artful clothes that make you feel happy and radiant when you wear them every single day. 

You can easily create stunning, happy tops for yourself! The fun and simple way.

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Creating with Monika Astara's fun, simple, unconventional methods boosts your confidence, makes you feel joyful and happy - and you get a fabulous wardrobe on top of it.

Plus: you save mega $$$ not having to buy happy clothes in boutiques.

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