´╗┐Science shows that wearing fun clothes and jewelry is not indulgent or selfish. It is self-care.

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Sounds like an awesome excuse to keep shopping? No quite. It means choose what lights up your inner joy. And leave the rest.

Science shows that wearing fun clothes and jewelry is not indulgent or selfish.
It is self-care.

The clothes and jewelry that you wear on your body do affect how you feel and think.

You have experienced that many times - just might not have been conscious about it.

You know how, with some things that you wear, you feel blah, with others you feel neutral, with others you feel good - and with a few you totally light up from inside. You feel so happy - and you radiate it out! That is your true beauty.

So, why do we light up in some clothes and jewelry - and dull down in others?

Science shows that everything - including your body, emotions and mind/thoughts - vibrates on various frequencies.
So do the colors, shapes and textures of the clothes and jewelry that you wear.

When you wear clothes and jewelry that dampen your frequencies, you feel blah.
And you might look like you aren't quite awake or have a dull day.

When you wear clothes and jewelry that are the same as your current frequencies, you feel neutral.

You dress most likely in things that are "normal" to you.
Most of the time it's like going through the days in ways that we are used to - not fully alive and happy, but also not dull - somewhere in the "comfortable" middle.

Sometimes you might choose a "power color" - that is supposed to give you an edge. 
But that's not what this is about. Since that mostly affects the "outer" frequencies of your being.

This is about clothes and jewelry that enhance and uplift your natural inner joy.
Which, for most of us, is usually suppressed to various degrees. 

But when that inner joy lights up, so do you - from deep inside.

Your voice changes, your eyes shine, you stand taller, you smile and you are happy.
You feel beautiful, content and confident in daily life.
You have energy and you feel vibrant and alive.

This can be measured and even photographed. Pretty fun.

If you have been around me, you know, that for me it's never been about selling clothes and jewelry.
It's always been about making women feel great about themselves. From the very beginning in 1987.

Long before I knew the science, I intuitively created clothes and jewelry that vibrated on higher frequencies.
I only made them, when I was happy and joyful. In the process I learnt to set aside any lesser feelings and dial into that happy state whenever I create.

When women would put on the happy clothes and jewelry, even the most reserved women will start laughing with joy, dancing and saying that they feel beautiful, alive and radiant. 

And that's the kind of clothing and jewelry that's worth getting.

When you are happy and radiate from the inside, that affects your family, friends and everyone around you.
Making the world a happier place. One awesome woman at a time.

You can do this for yourself. 

In the next blog post I tell you and link a video on how you can experience the difference between feeling "normal", o.k., good and feeling lit up from inside.
Then you can select your clothes and jewelry accordingly - and have a ton more inner joy in your daily life.

Meanwhile, you can read some of the inspiring transformation stories from my boutique days HERE

I wish you a magnificent 2023 - filled with wonder, joy and inner peace.


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