Engaging in Creative ways is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

Posted On Sep 10, 2022 |

We wouldn't drive a car with low tires. It doesn't handle well, is sluggish, needs more gas. Same with us, if we don't create.

Engaging creatively is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

We tend to put things that would bring us joy and balance wayyyyy on the back burner because we think that we
- don't have the time,
- can't indulge when there is so much to do,
- are too tired, it's late,
- can't get motivated etc..
Then the same cycle starts all over again and we feel more and more exhausted and dull from the stressors of daily life.

It's kind of like driving a car with low air in the tires - the car doesn't handle well, needs more strength on our part to steer it, needs more gas, is unsafe and it takes a lot more effort and money to move it from one place to another.

If we just take the few minutes to put air into the tires, we can enjoy an easy ride, need less gas and get faster and safer where we want to be.

Same with taking a few minutes to create and enjoy our "inner time".

Instead of feeling burnt out, tired, depressed, lackluster, and dragging ourselves through the days, we experience joy, satisfaction, deep calm and peace.
That allows us to enjoy ourselves, our free time, our family and friends.

The form of being creative can look different for each one of us: writing, singing, dancing, doing puzzles, making clothes, knitting, making jewelry, doodling on papers, going for a walk and taking photos, singing to the birds ......

But the act of engaging in something creative is essential to our mental well-being, which directly affects our physical health, our outlook on life and how easily we deal with daily challenges.

There's a plethora of studies and even brain scans that show the fast calming and balancing effect of creating on our brain and nervous system.
When we create with our hands, the outer world disappears. The noise in our head subsides. We experience pleasure, satisfaction, deep calm and joy.
That allows us to live and interact from a place of inner balance and joy.

So -let your creative juices flow!

I know how hard it can be to drag ourselves out of cozy sofas that seem to grab a hold of our butt. And we don't know where to start or what to do that would be short and fun.  

So - I make it easy for you:
I created 2 FREE courses - actually they are pseudo courses.

Meaning, each one consists of compilations of short fun ways to create. Each segment is complete in itself. I keep adding to them periodically.

One is "The Joy of Creating with Fabrics", the other one is "The Joy of Painting Papers". You'll find both HERE.

When you create, send me some photos! 
Even better: join the Community, The Creative Freedom and Joy Club, our private Facebook community, and post there.


Monika Astara

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