I wanted to see that , so I brought him in. He told her this looks great - and it did.

But Laurie kept turning to her butt and kept asking him "you don't think this makes my butt look fat?!"
Over and over he assured her that it looks fabulous.
She kept repeating it again and again: "You think this makes my butt look fat?!"
Finally he said: "Well, if YOU think it makes your butt look fat, don't get it."
She turned to me triumphantly: "See! I told you he thinks my butt is fat."
The husband crumbled in his chair. Resigned.

I burst out: "WHAT??? To be perfectly clear, he said no such thing. Do you have any idea what you just did?"
Laurie stared at me, puzzled. I kept going: "You totally set him up. He kept telling you over and over that it looks great.
Not once did you accept or acknowledge what he said. He finally got exhausted and said 'If YOU think it makes your butt look fat, don't get it' - all you heard is 'makes your butt look fat'. You totally twisted what he said to fit it into your own obsession. And in the process you wore out your husband."

She stood in shock, staring at me.
I kept going: "You sucked him dry energetically, twisted what he said, so that you could proudly affirm in your mind the lies that YOU made up about your butt."  
The husband slid out of his chair, heading to the door. When he passed me, he mouthed "Thank you".

Laurie stood there frozen. For quite some time.  By and by her shoulders started to relax. Her eyes started moving.  
She took a deep breath, looked at me and said: "You are right."

We talked for quite a while. Then got back to playing with the clothes. Making her more and more aware of how she disconnects from her body - and more importantly: how to connect to it.
Laurie experienced it. She "got it".
She woke up to the insanity of her own judgements and started to look at herself and her body with kindness and love.
She ended up with a great wardrobe that supported and enhanced her.
From that first visit on, they came back every year.
It was so awesome to see these 2 middle aged people, who had come in with dull eyes, lack of life and seemed to have settled into "the way it is", turn into people with bright, shiny eyes, joy for life, love for each other and love for themselves.