Tree branches don't fight amongst themselves.

Posted On Sep 04, 2022 |

Kindness, respect and love are forces that can change the world for the better. They are inside of us. Let's use them.

Who else loves quotes?
They succinctly make a point of something that can be BIG.

Quotes have been a companion throughout my life. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Somehow, whenever  there are changes going on, I come across quotes that express in a sentence an inner turmoil or ecstatic joy - way better than I could do.
The quote in the image is one of those.

Usually I like to keep things light and filled with joy. That's my nature.
But caring is also my nature. Both the joy and the caring are expressed in my intense desire and pursuit of spreading joy into the world through creativity.

In between I get rattled. As it happened this week. A friend wrote that one of her new students at the college where she teaches, took her life on the first day of class. It's not the first time this has happened at the college.

What has been happening in the last few years has been challenging for me. Especially all the polarization going on. It even destroyed and keeps destroying families and friendships.
And such a vast number of young people took and is taking their lives.

I wish that every person would step back from the noise of the outside world, go inside and remember that we are souls in human bodies. We all have our struggles and pains and joys. With kindness, respect and love for ourselves and each other, we can bring peace and harmony into our lives.
No matter what age, skin color, gender, or whatever else we are - we are all God's children. He created us. And He loves us all. So - why not do the same?

In the midst of the outer turmoil in the last few years, I put together the image with the Native American quote that sums up in one sentence what I am trying to say.

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