Turns out that Cindy's boss, one of my regular clients, had given her a generous gift certificate for the boutique, because Cindy was leaving town.

4.5 hours after she had entered the boutique, Cindy left - dancing, laughing, eyes sparkling.
With a LOT more than her gift certificate was worth.
"I feel like the person I always wanted to be."

6 months later a woman came in. Radiant, bright, absolutely glowing.
She looked somewhat familiar. But I couldn't place her.
She threw her arms up with joy, and in her British accent, she exclaimed: "You didn't recognize me."

I was floored! Cindy was completely transformed!
In the 6 months that I hadn't seen her, Cindy had done most of the things on her bucket wish list, that she thought would never happen. Including hiking and rafting the Grand Canyon and bungee jumping.

When I applauded her she beamed at me: "You gave me my life."
After a pause- and eyes twinkling with delight - she added: "My husband doesn't recognize me. He doesn't know what hit him. I am living my life!"

Cindy ended up working with me in the boutique for some months, assisting other women in their transformations.
It was a totally magical time.