Renee had just returned from an annual 3 day networking event of "who's who" in the business world.
When she got there she realized that she had only packed her hand painted tops and her flow-ey pants.

Her words: " I don't know what hit me. I had totally forgotten to pack my suits.
So I had to wear your clothes to the events. I felt like I was in a different universe.
I was so happy and had so much fun at this event. Previously it had always seemed like a bit of a stressful nightmare.
Not this time. I was the only color in a sea of grey and navy suits.
Nobody even commented on my outfits. But so many people commented on how radiant I look.
People constantly gathered around me and I had more interactions than I had had in the 20 some previous years - all initiated by others.

At the end of the 3 days the head of a company who had refused to hire me twice before, came up to me and said, that he was noticing me throughout the 3 days. That I just seem to glow and whatever I have changed in my life must have been pretty big. He offered me the job - with 20.000.- more than I had previously asked for!"

Renee called me right after she had the signed contract in her hands.

 I have heard so many similar stories from women over the years.

When we wear what makes us light up, it literally radiates out our inner joy and happiness. That is super irresistible. It makes others light up as well.

When you are your true radiant self, you are "real".
Interactions become authentic and filled with joy, kindness and respect.
That's when magic happens naturally.

Play with your clothes - put things together you normally don't wear together.
See how you feel in them.

Play like a kid - curious, experimenting, having fun with the process.
Are you dancing, smiling, laughing.
Do your eyes light up? Is your voice stronger when you talk?
Try it out - keep playing.

Let me know how that is going for you.