Kindness and love do not know color or form. They shine on everyone.

Posted On Jul 04, 2022 |

Thoughts on kindness and love versus blame and anger.

A wonderful jewelry artist did a post on buying from women owned businesses. And mentioned me as one of those businesses. I really appreciate the shout-out.

Here's what has been causing me distress: that shout-out came as a result of "many women wanting to stick it to the patriarchy" and not buy this weekend.

There has been sooo much separation in recent years that keeps getting re-enforced by repeating the same negativity that is experienced by people in certain segments of the population and re-directing it with great force at other "groups" of the human population. Without looking for real solutions. Just directing the anger and frustration at another "group".

"Groups" are not an abstract. They consist of individual beings. I would love it if we, as individuals, would stop reacting and start looking for solutions.

We can start with ourselves, at home, where we influence how our kids grow up. If we feed them that hatred against each other, that anger, how will they turn out? What kind of outlook will they have?

If we, as individuals, focused much more on treating EVERYONE with love, kindness, respect, then we don't have to "stick it" to anyone or make anyone wrong for their current skin color or human form that they are in. Those attitudes and reactions just create more separation and hurt, without resolving the current ones.

There is more than enough hurt, pain, separation already. There are "rotten apples" in each segment of the population. Unfortunately many of them are on top.

But then, coming back to the "patriarchy thing", there are the vast majority of men who are our brothers, sons, fathers - good men and human beings. We hurt them by throwing them all into one pot.

The world is difficult as it is - with all the stuff going on that we have no control over. We are all souls in human bodies. Trying to navigate our lives. God made us - and gave us different forms and skin colors. He loves ALL his children. Why not follow His example and support and love each other.

With such a solid foundation of kindness, we can then choose to support each other as women or as fellow entrepreneurs or....whatever else - without having to make anyone else wrong and causing unnecessary pain.

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