Ginkgo leaves - Art Papers - Digital Downloads

Inspiring, unusual art papers for collage, mixed media, journal covers, jewelry making, cards etc.. Digitally created from photos and painted sheets.

23 fabulous original designs.
 Mostly about 8"x10" / 20x25cm

The banner is made by cropping #8 - Double Happiness.

Have fun creating with this artsy collection of digital composite downloads.

How are these composite art papers created?

Each of these images is a work of art in itself.
Creating them is like a magical, meditative dance.
Some of the steps are:

  • taking and/or intuitively selecting photos from literally thousands of options.
  • uploading them to an editor.
  • creating a collage with color catcher sheets to use as one of the layers.
  • turning photos of ginkgo leaves and a photo of grasses into vector images.
  • adjusting each photo - using brightness, saturation, contrast etc..
  • followed by choosing 2 photos and layering them digitally.
    Applying blending modes, filters and then again adjusting the colors, contrast etc. in each composite image.
  • layering a third photo. Using blending modes, filters etc..
  • next up: layering 2 composite images.
  • Applying blending modes, filters, contrast, brightness, saturation etc..

I wish that you are bathed in joy when you create with these art papers.
And that you are as delighted about using them as I am about creating them.
Let the magic happen!

1 - Celebration of Life

2 -Happy Spring Day 

3 - Hidden Passion

4 -The Mists of Mystery

5 - Serenity

6 - Opposites Play well Together

7 - Orange Sorbet with Sprinkles 

8 - Double Happiness

9 - Ginkgo Family 

10 - Burning Desire

11 - Twice the Strength 

13 - New Perspective

This is a H4 heading

Collage - When More is Better

Support - Making Others Stand Out 

Support 2b - At the Pond 

Support 3 - Fire of Desire

Support 4 - Keep Cool

Support 5 - Strength in Simplicity 

14 - Purple Dream 

15 - Raspberry Sorbet

18 - Innocence

19 - Plum Pudding 

20 Playtime

Enjoy these Art Papers!

Inspirations for using these Art Papers

Cut strips, cover a journal.
Or make your own journal from scratch.
Add some scribbles and lines.
Add a title and subtitle.

Makes an awesome personal gift.

Full view of the journal cover from the photo on the left.
Use the bottom part of paper # 3 and top part of paper #4.
Add scribbles, title and subtitle (optional).

Make your own fun books. Give them as gifts.

You can also use this as a card - with a special message for the recipient.

Download and printing tips:

Save your login - you have access to the downloads for however long this website exists.

Download the pictures to your computer.
The downloads are mostly about 8"x10" / 20cmx25cm.
A few downloads are approximately 8"x8" / 20cmx20cm.

ALL downloads print beautifully on 8"x10" paper - or 8.5"x11" - or A4 paper.
They are 300 DPI resolution.

Colors might vary depending on the printer and the color adjustments on the printer.

Tips for printing the downloads for Jewelry items

Print the downloads onto glossy or semi-glossy photography paper.
You get gorgeous, rich colors.
Cut out shapes for earrings or pendants.
Glue them onto acrylic shapes - or mat board that you cut into the same shape.
(The picture shows examples for pendant shapes).
Paint the back - or glue down another paper cut-out for a reversible pendant.
 Color the edges with a permanent marker or Posca pen or gold or silver paint.
Seal with a gloss or semi gloss varnish.
Or a matte medium for more of a subdued look.

Play and have fun!

Terms of use

 Have lots of joy using the papers in your personal or in your business creations:
for collages, mixed media, journals, collaged journal covers, cards, jewelry etc..  
The downloads are proprietary, copyrighted designs.
 That means you cannot share them or sell them as is in any way, shape or form.
Nor can you print them through a third party printing business.
Images can only be used and sold when incorporated as a part of your final creation.

If you want to give a shoutout on your social media - great!
You can post your works in process or finished pieces and tag Monika Astara .  

Let your creative genius flow and have a blast.

Refund Policy:

Due to the digital download nature of this product, there is no refund or cancellation.
However, if you have any issues, please do contact me below.
Have lots of joy with your papers.

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