Fun - Fast - Fabulous

Be your own artist and designer. It boosts your confidence.
Even if - or especially if - you think you are not creative! (It's a myth.)

Play like a kid with simple, unconventional methods that make your heart sing.
You get Happy Clothes to wear and Happy Art to look at - often within just minutes.

Instead of getting frazzled in the hustle and bustle, stay in the comfort of your home.
Use these methods to make gifts that the recipients will LOVE.
It saves you a lot of money and time.
And you get delicious inner joy and calm in the process of creating. 

Turn any photo into stunning art with simple digital enhancements.
Super simple - awesome results.

Use this to make wall art, cards, journal covers, collage papers, collages

Transform a blah T-shirt or your favorite, but stained clothes into works of art within minutes.

Use it to paint shawls, tops, canvas, skirts, blouses, shirts etc..

Turn a photo of a simple T-shirt design into a stunning wall art piece.

Sound starts after 54 seconds.

Part 1 of the free "Digital Transformation Art" course. It's complete in itself.

Start with a simple image.
Or an image that doesn't have a ton of details.
Use your own photos- or get an image from one of my 2 absolute favorite website sources for FREE images:

Change the color - and get a different mood.

This is part 2 of the  FREE "Digital Transformation Art" mini Course.
 It's complete in itself.

You can easily use simple blending modes to change the energy of images - and get art that makes you feel the way you want to.

Turn the above image into Art like this:

Take the above digital art a few steps further.
Add another photo and create artwork that makes even an accomplished artist jealous.

Simply sign up for the FREE  "Digital Transformation Art".
Part 3 shows you how to continue with the above images to turn them into art like in this photo.

Transform any shirt, top, pants, tote bag into a work of art.

Use a ketch-up or squeeze bottle.
2-4 oz of Dye-Na-Flow paint.

Paint and squeeze bottles are available at Dharma Trading. Paint also at Jerry's Artarama, Dick Blick and local art stores. (USA)
But Dye-Na-Flow paint is available in most countries - so are squeeze or condiment bottles.

Paint on any fabric, clothes, canvas, and even create your own Signature home decor items with this playful squirt and splash method.

Let your inner Designer roar!

For more fun, fast and fabulous short projects with fabric etc. sign up for the FREE "Joy of Creating with Fabrics".

You'll find things like the Drama Vest in the photo.
It's fabulous for those Holiday Get-togethers - and equally awesome with jeans and a T-shirt for your morning coffee out.

 It's a simple rectangle with 2 holes - that's it.

Painted with the method from the video above.
Or simply use a fun fabric, no painting.

For the pure joy of it. 

Best, fast acting "therapy" to feel great within minutes:
Splash paint freely  on paper. It gives you  fun mixed media papers.

You can also take photos of the papers and digitally layer them - as shown in the videos above. And create totally unexpected, great looking art from blahh or crazy looking papers.

Play, experiment, HAVE FUN.

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